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Bypass ad-blockers

Many ad-blocker and some browser can block tracking calls from analytics scripts. These tools sadly don't see the difference between privacy-invading and privacy-friendly tools (like Alceris Analytics).

Currently we don't see any signs that our service is blocked by popular ad-blockers. But if you want to be sure that no data is getting lost, you can proxy our tracking script and ensure that all tracking data get collected.

This means that all tracking data will first be sent to your web server and than get sent to our service. Ad-blocker see these requests as valid, because they use the same domain as the website.

Default way

By using the provided default instructions the tracking script is loaded from

When the user triggers an tracking event (like pageview or a custom event), the data is getting sent to

<script src="" data-id="MY_SITE_ID" async defer></script>

How to proxy the script and data endpoints

You need to create proxy rules for two two different endpoints. The script and the data endpoint.

For this example let assume you host the website

You can choose any name for the new proxy endpoints. Please ensure not using any keywords like analytics, tracking, metrics or similar. Because this can cause adblocker to block these requests.

Script endpoint: ->

Data endpoint: ->

You can find instructions to create these proxy rules for your webserver setup online.

After the rules are created you can adjust the script tag on your website to use the new endpoints. By providing a data-endpoint tag the tracking events will be sent to the newly created tracking endpoint.

<script src="" data-id="MY_SITE_ID" data-endpoint="" async defer></script>