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Add the script to your website

To enable Alceris Analytics for your site, you need to update the HTML code of your website. The script looks something like this:

<script src="" data-id="MY_SITE_ID" async defer></script>

The best place to put the script would be in the <head> tag of the HTML code. But it would also work within the <body> tag. Please ensure to only integrate the script once to prevent duplicate tracking.

The exact snippet can by copied from the Website integration tab on your personal dashboard.

Defered loading

To track events before the script is fully loaded you can use defered loading. Just add the following script tag instead of the one above. This ensures automatically that all events are cached till the script is fully loaded.

<script src="" data-id="MY_SITE_ID" async defer></script>
    window._alcerisData = window._alcerisData || [];
    function alceris() { window._alcerisData.push(arguments); }