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Track your website performance metrics on the client side

Website loading performance is an essential factor that can significantly impact a website's success. Slow loading speeds can lead to a high bounce rate, loss of visitors, and ultimately, decreased revenue. As a website owner or developer, it is crucial to have access to website analytics that can track loading performance on the client-side.

Alceris offers a range of features that make it a powerful website analytics solution for tracking loading performance.

With each pageview we track anonymous performance metrics including the websites load performance.

This metrics include data like the connect time and the complete loading time and can be filtered by the usual parameters like country, page, device and other.

This gives you real-world data how your website performance around the world and where it can be improved.

Besides the performance tracking you get a powerful and privacy friendly analytics suite, which is also GDPR compliant and don't uses any cookies. So you don't even need a cookie banner to use it and get full coverage off all your users.

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